22 December 2013

TERRATEMPLE by Pereira Irving Paul

16.5" x 23.4"

Pen and acrylic on fine grain, heavy weight paper

In an unseen simultaneous universe, just one degree away from our reality, shamanistic, extraterrestrial and underworld powers intervene in the life force and consciousness of the material world via intentions of the magicians who call upon them. These 'deities' help manage and balance the volatile energies of a world in crisis.


Pereira Irving Paul is a practicing occultist and multidisciplinary outsider artist. HIs artistic practice involves a deep investigation into altered states of reality, obscure occultism from the stars and underworld Hadean energies. He has self published five books of poetry and stories, several art books and a host of experimental albums, all of which are available on his site. He is also a professional Tarot reader and healer. www.ipaulpereira.com

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