21 December 2013


23.4" x 16.5"

Pen, collage, and acrylic on fine grain, heavy weight paper

The negotiation involves the alchemical transformation of the artists' interior world and the exorcism of inner dimensions of fear. The large woman-beast is the dark mother, the destroyer. The serpent and the reptile are primal powers representing snake wisdom and raw animism. The magickal figure is the higher self of the artist, seen here with his aura protected. The occult cards are archetypes, much like the tarot and an exchange of cards represent an exchange of energies needed for the transformation in the artist to occur.


Pereira Irving Paul is a practicing occultist and multidisciplinary outsider artist. HIs artistic practice involves a deep investigation into altered states of reality, obscure occultism from the stars and underworld Hadean energies. He has self published five books of poetry and stories, several art books and a host of experimental albums, all of which are available on his site. He is also a professional Tarot reader and healer. www.ipaulpereira.com

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