05 March 2014

WHY AM I RED? by mpcAstro

Because your peek
elicits crime
and punishment.

And I am ashamed of
my platitudes

that’s all that
I have.


mpcAstro is the "user name" for Mike Castro, publisher of OpPRESS. His poem, "Why Am I red?," was written in his head to keep himself awake while driving home alone 3 AM from the downtown Tampa Hilton's opening night of FetishCon, which coincided with the hotel's separate event opening, Art of Kink, where he was showing his art prints with catalog, Spider's Nest, promoted by Oneiros Books with iambic footnotes, Nidus Plexus. Both sections are scheduled for reprint as two books by Spring 2014 under the Oneiros imprint.

The poem is a red-faced cocktail of grief from love of the poet's life lost (only weeks prior), mixed with a pinch of shame and a dash of frustrated excitement for concocting all night into the wee hours (undelivered) lines to a bevy of fetishettes. The heart is a deep well.


As a first amends, the above issuu link's 20-page (107 thru 127) finalé dives into the ART Of KINK show while at the same time saving his love from drowning.

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