14 February 2014

ALLISON L. by Alexis Rhone Fancher

She has a mole
on her
lower back.
I'd glimpse it
when she’d
bend over
or squat down.
She has agile knees.
Great tits.
A perfect piece of ass.

When I saw the mole
it was exciting,
a dark secret,
a sneak peek at
it made me wet,
& I'd kiss it
with my eyes.

When we were
I did more
than that.
Lots more.

She told me she
liked it.
Till she didn’t.
Till she left me.
Till she kicked me to
the curb.

Her small, black
blends into night,
swallows her up;
a rodent is how
I imagine her
A mole.

O! Allison,
Tell me why?
I am left
in the dark
I’m looking, but
I can’t find
all my pieces.

Alexis Rhone Fancher is an L.A. based poet/photographer whose work can or soon will be found in Rattle, Fjords Review, The MacGuffin, BoySlut, HighCoupe, Gutter Eloquence, Good Men Project, Bare Hands, Poetry Super Highway, The Juice Bar, Poeticdiversity, Little Raven, Bukowski On Wry, numerous anthologies, and elsewhere. Her photographs, published world-wide, include a spread in HEArt Online, and the covers of Witness and The Mas Tequila Review. A member of Jack Grapes’ L.A.Poets and Writers Collective, Alexis was nominated for two Pushcart Prizes in 2013. She is poetry editor of Cultural Weeklywww.lapoetrix.com

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