31 January 2014

SLOW HORSES (FOR P.D.) by Kevin M. Hibshman

"the feel of horses long before horses enter the scene" - Patti Smith

All have eyes that wish to see beyond any concrete cage.
We refuse to accept this belief as being naive.
Your colors run and how we love them!
Your tireless sun the same one in my horizon.
It is there for you as much as it is there for me.
There is no real thing as token love.
When we bleed our words supply the sponge and they mop up more than they clean.
What remains the artist claims as his imprint.
What touches the soul or trips the imagination is eternal.
"The feel of horses long before horses enter the scene."


Kevin M. Hibshman has had poems, collages and reviews published in numerous journals and magazines world wide since 1990. In addition to editing his own poetry magazine, Fearless, both online and in print for nearly twenty years, he has authored fourteen chapbooks of poetry, the most recent being Incessant Shining available from Propaganda Press. He received his BA in Liberal Arts form Union institute and University/Vermont College in 2010.

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