03 January 2014

PROPERTY by Alexis Rhone Fancher

1. In the light
I keep thinking about the way
you keep your thumb hooked in
the belt loop of my jeans, like you have me on
a leash, like you own me. I’m not sure I don’t like it.

2. In the dark
I lie on top, your skin grazes mine. I breathe
your scent, burrow in your flesh, forehead
flush against your belly, eager
mouth fellating your cock. So this is love!

3. In the even darker
Go ahead. Push me
down. Pin my wrists. Wedge your knees between my
thighs; pry me open. You know
you want to explore my corridor, my
antechamber, my presidential suite. There’s a basket
of fruit on my D-cup titties, Veuve Clicquot in my ‘fridge.

4. In the winter
You like fucking on top of the sheets, heater off,
windows open to remind us we’re still breathing. I
can see your breath, its smoke - and mirrors.

5. In the cut
I keep thinking about the way
you keep me under your thumb.
“Yes,” you say. “This is love.”
And I’m not sure I don’t like it.


Alexis Rhone Fancher is an L.A. based poet/photographer whose work can or soon will be found in Rattle, Fjords Review, The MacGuffin, BoySlut, HighCoupe, Gutter Eloquence, Good Men Project, Bare Hands, Poetry Super Highway, The Juice Bar, Poeticdiversity, Little Raven, Bukowski On Wry, numerous anthologies, and elsewhere. Her photographs, published world-wide, include a spread in HEArt Online, and the covers of Witness and The Mas Tequila Review. A member of Jack Grapes’ L.A.Poets and Writers Collective, Alexis was nominated for two Pushcart Prizes in 2013. She is poetry editor of Cultural Weekly. www.lapoetrix.com