28 January 2014

PRIVATE EYES by Pam Benjamin

Who dares to think they are watching?
I am the god-damned riff-raff
parading around nude
open windows and
four storied neighbors.

You slip quarters in the slot to roll up the door
where shame doesn't exist.
Don't be virtuous with a dick in your hand
or pretend this hasn't happened before,
we all have seen your face.

Switch into another drink
slip off those hard earned shoes
and watch the sky glow to neon.
The blinking tits against deep purple
light every mistake on the sidewalk.

Don't put your head in your hands
as if you hold the weight of this whole city.
Some supernatural cog jerked from time
the lonely hero thinking about
his poor sister in Colorado.

I am the sugar on this hot night.
All my lips are parted and moist,
Yes. Press against glass.
I will hide in a splinter of beautiful light
and pretend my business is private.


Pam Benjamin is a poet turned stand-up comic. She is also the Program Director of www.mutinyradio.fm. Listen to "Pamtastic's Comedy Clubhouse" every Fri 8-11pm pac. Oh, and buy her novella "Voices" on Kindle here:http://www.amazon.com/Voices-Pam-Benjamin-ebook/dp/B005L3RQQW/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1386192534&sr=8-2&keywords=voices+pam+benjamin

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