31 December 2013

PORTRAIT OF SOPHIA by Christina Dallas

Digital c-print, 20" x 24", 2013


Christina Dallas is a photographer and installation artist who lives in Brooklyn, NY. Her work has been shown in galleries in New York, California, New Mexico, and Germany. She has a MFA in Photography from UCLA. A symbolist and iconographer, she seeks to connect the unconscious with the conscious, and merge polarities, light with darkness. Her work has sought to be a testament to the spiritual and obvious magical properties of photography. The camera as a witness and a tool of alchemy, that which is a conduit of light, casting spirit into matter. These images speak about the nature of portraiture and that which is ineffable, and hidden, secret signs and symbols. All of her models are a reflection of herself or twin self. The camera as a mirror, a reflecting tool, that which makes the resulting image a portrait of the psyche and its inner and outer workings. These psychic portraits reference her own experiences of a mystical nature and are not digitally composed. All images are taken either from her installations, that are set up and photographed, or live models.


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