07 December 2013

GOD SMELLS GOOD by Pam Benjamin

A homeless man accused me of not caring.
Is caring different than love?
They say love is 90% smell.
It's hard to love people who smell bad.

I usually love bad people;
people who have been to jail
or who are jailed by their mother's memory.
My bad-ass Mother did neither.

None of my fingers would scan when I was bad;
my prints wouldn't show in jail.
The Uniforms showed they didn't care;
I didn't call my Mother.

My Mother is unusually affected by smells;
she wouldn't sit behind the garlic man in church,
it reeks from his pores, she under breath accused.
God, who wants the best tapenade, loves him.

How do you affect love?
Neither God nor my Mother care.
I want the best smells;
it's hard to smell people who love bad.


Pam Benjamin is a poet turned stand-up comic. She is also the Program Director of www.mutinyradio.fm. Listen to "Pamtastic's Comedy Clubhouse" every Fri 8-11pm pac. Oh, and buy her novella "Voices" on Kindle here:http://www.amazon.com/Voices-Pam-Benjamin-ebook/dp/B005L3RQQW/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1386192534&sr=8-2&keywords=voices+pam+benjamin

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