12 February 2014


Our preliminary work begins on an exotic slope above the local apple orchard
and the fact that you can't cast magic spells on dolphins
without the proper federal license
gives birth to the realization that we come from different corners of the clouds,
our feet soaked in Petri dishes
Flying over Canada he realized he had never tried sky pregnancy
In a fit of embarrassment he began harassing fellow passengers and then struck a stewardess
with a pair of rented shoes
In November 1971, he emphatically denied filming the first ever
Lifetime Movie Network biopic of Greek style yogurt
Timothy Treadwell's Hindu floaty thing can assault a telephone book
or find the missing lovechild of OJ Simpson and Amanda Knox
My mom knew I was gay in my 36th year so I stayed up all day long
defending the dusty vertical blinds
then to the electric chair by night!
Overcome by that feeling of lonely bedrooms, noise like eternity and untuned radios
Wishing I was barreling eastbound Ohio turnpike Friday night
with silky Conway Twitty tape deck rolling
Nine months later, through some kinda subconscious brainwavery, they named their stupid cat
after an obscure Frijid Pink b-side
Breaking news I really need a replacement dryer sheet over the skies of Indiana
You are cordially invited to listen to Dio records, skip class, and turn your homework in late
If interested please reply with exotic amphibian feces or inadequate plumbing perversion
One day I started chopping the ancient trees into Hamburger Helper
thinking why should I learn a foreign language when I can simply speak louder English?


Tim Murray (b.1977) is a lifelong resident of Northwest Indiana. In 1979 he finished third in the local Aspargus Fest Beauty Pageant. He is the current proprietor of Indiana's seventh largest aluminum foil ball and gift shop.

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