11 December 2013

A WORTHY CAUSE by Erin Reardon

How you shivered my timbre
Made my vocal chords smooth and operatic
While you performed careful surgery
Across my well meaning

It was not in you to cause harm
Or further damage
Just as it is not my primary instinct
To draw blood for wolves
Or show delicacy
Until the valise where I stow away my disaster
Starts to burst
It always does
And thus begins the next leg of my grand apology tour
Only this time my knees are stronger
Than ever they had been before

And what a fool’s garment draped over me
Spilling mutilation and brine
All for my failure to shut up instead of down
In moments I should have spent sparing you, nuzzling you
Rather than fondling your tool belt
With hope that I had found a sure fix for my fissures

I made no excuses then
I make none now
I come to you as I am
With clarity
Too ashamed to seek your charity
Since pride and moral high ground
Were never platforms to sustain me

I only wished on stars visible to the naked eye
Ever the underachiever

And for this I got you
If only temporarily
And that is worth a dream or three.


Erin Reardon is a sometimes poet from Boston, MA. She has been published in various online and print litzines and has a chapbook called Gristle which can be ordered direct through Erin.

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